Spectra is fully compliant to DoD 4145.26M Contractors Safety Manual for Arms Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) storage and to the security requirements of DoD 5100.76M and NISPOM. As well, we comply with the requirements of OSHA 1910 Process Safety Management, and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. The 11AT building complex is the Spectra Technologies manufacturing site, where there are currently 21 buildings in active operation leaving 19 buildings available for future expansion. Our security force provides facility access control 24/7. Our facilities are equipped with DoD approved Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and enclosures. Exterior fencing encloses all IDS controlled facilities inside the fenced Spectra compound.  Spectra operates on one contiguous site and has 87,100 square feet of Manufacturing Space; 54,000 square feet Energetic Storage; and 150,000 square feet inert space. Storage of explosives and inert materials are immediately available to the manufacturing site. An abundance of magazine space is available within the industrial park.

Security manuals already exist for the company and meet or exceed the requirements of DoD 5100.76M. Spectra Technologies understands the requirements for varying levels of category (from CAT I to CAT IV) safeguarding as well as control critical documentation. Spectra has installed both an Extent III AA&E intrusion detection system and an Extent II system for classified assembly programs.  Spectra has never failed any security audit and has been audited for all classifications and categories. This includes the requirement to meet Homeland Security guidelines and appropriate documentation submission. All employees are trained to a basic level with advanced training as needed i.e. engineering, quality engineers, etc. The FBI has conducted counterintelligence training with debriefings prior to and after foreign travel. Spectra has initiated an ITAR Compliance Program with training, as well.